Sarasota Hardwood Refinishing CompanySAR Flooring in Sarasota, Florida has helped many homeowners and businesses with their flooring needs. If you’re looking for someone to help refinish your hardwood floors then you have come to the right place. You may have had them refinished before and the job was not done to your satisfaction. We are not opposed to coming in and helping correct their mistake. You can always count on us to get it done right the first time. We have had some customers attempt to refinish their floors themselves but they abandon the job and soon rely on us for their flooring needs. With the help of our flooring professionals, you are assured of getting the look that you want us to achieve. Whenever your hardwood floors are being refinished, it kicks up a lot of dust and unpleasant smells. However, at SAR Flooring, we employ a method that prevents this from occurring. We can refinish your floors without sanding them down and leaving a complete mess along the way. Call us up and let us get started on your hardwood floors today. We are sure that you’ll be happy with the finished results of our hard work.

Non-Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Some feel as though sanding the floors makes it a lot easier to refinish them. However, in our experience, it is just as easy for us to use our non-sanding process of refinishing your floors as sanding. When you have cork or bamboo flooring, you definitely wouldn’t want them to be sanded. Yes, some hardwood floors could be destroyed if they were sanded. Our experienced flooring contractors know which type of floors should not be sanded and they make sure that they only apply our non-sanding methods when finishing your hardwood floors. With the innovative methods that are used by our flooring contractors, we can apply our non-sanding method to refinish most of the hardwood floors that we are requested to refinish. Let us apply our non-sanding technique to refinish your hardwood floors without damaging the grain of your floors.

Hammered Flooring

If there is a lot of wear and tear because of the amount of traffic on your hardwood floors then our experts will likely use the hammered floor option to refinish your floors. This involves finishing every part of your hardwood floors except the center. This is where it is often worn out the most. There might be visible scratches on it because of children, pets, or furniture. There might even be some water damages that are also very visible. These types of things can cause parts of your flooring to separate. When these types of problems exist then it could take a little longer for us to refinish your floors but it certainly isn’t impossible. The floors need to be screened and filled, which often takes us longer than our non-sanding process. However, the results are usually just as effective as the non-sanding method used.

Hire Qualified Professionals

Get what you are paying for by relying on our qualified flooring contractors. They have the skills and qualifications needed to effectively assist with any of your flooring needs, big or small. Don’t make it a DIY weekend project when you can rely on a qualified professional to quickly refinish your hardwood floors. They will take the time to access the flooring that exists and determine the best and most efficient method for refinishing them for you. A qualified professional will know the right process to use on your type of hardwood floors. This means that the job is done efficiently.

Value for Your Money

Nobody likes the idea of wasting their money and we are sure that you are no different. If you want great value for your money then do yourself a favor by relying on SAR Flooring. We are known for the quality of service that we offer to our clients. Our flooring contractors take the time to make sure that the work they are doing is always done to your total satisfaction. You can expect nothing but the absolute best from our flooring contractors. They pay close attention to the details of every job they are asked to perform. This ensures them of being able to provide you with the most efficient refinishing job possible. When you want a good ROI, rely on us to refinish your floors. It doesn’t matter the extent of the job, we guarantee that you will be happy with our work and recommend our services to others.